till death thursday

i may be going a little bit overboard with these theme days but i'm really just trying to figure out what works and what i can continue for a long time. so being that this is a lifestyle blog and being married is apart of my life, i thought i'd try to write about different aspects of relationships and being married. 

my first topic that i want to discuss is how long it takes to be fully comfortable with your significant other. most people (usually women) are comfortable enough to let their partners see them unclothed in order to have sex. yet other things are sooo embarrassing. ladies, you know what i'm talking about. society or something has made it so that us girls are supposed to pretend like we don't do certain things that men are able to freely joke about with their friends. i couldn't even say that i didn't feel well and then go to the bathroom, even if it was just to pee, because i felt like my guy would just assume i was doing something else. 

it took me a really long time to get comfortable with Joe. mostly because he's five years older than me and (no one knows this until now) i thought that he was soooo cool and sooo mature. i didn't want to do or say anything stupid or embarrassing in front of him. i couldn't even say the f-word. i don't mean the one you're thinking of...that's right. i couldn't say the word "fart" in front of the person i was eventually to marry. until one night, he did it in front of me randomly when we were watching tv. in my mind i was like, oh my god, how embarrassing, how is he just okay with doing that in front of me??? then we got a puppy and with her having accidents, it still made me blush a little bit. however, the more it happened, the less awkward it became and the more open he was, the more comfortable i got. 

i'm still not fully open, but i'm very comfortable with him. ladies, it just takes time. the more you share with each other, the better and less tense the relationship is. i think its 50% familiarity and 50% gets easier with age. the older you get, the less you give a damn.

well i hope this post was at least somewhat interesting and i didn't share too much!!

how long did it take you to be 100% open with your partner? 

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  1. Great post! James and I have been married 5 years, together 7. We have two kids. I still can't fart in front of him or anyone else. My best friend will do anything and talk about anything in front of anybody. But that's not me and it's not who I want to be.