well today was our fourth trip to Melt. we brought Jessie this time and met Kelli and Dave there! i was so excited for Jessie to try it and for the rest of us to get the Corny Beast. it's essentially a super-cheesy corn dog--stick and all! it comes with a chipotle ketchup which was really good. overall i really liked the sandwich. it was good. but i wasn't as in love with it as i thought i would be. it's not Melt's fault, i think i just built it up in my head and expected it to be more extravagant. but sometimes simple is good and in this case it was. i also got the Parmageddon to go! which i'll update on after i get out of my food coma.

Jessie had to go back to school because she had to work and the rest of us went to Beachwood and shopped at H&M and forever21. honestly, i wasn't impressed by H&M at all. i always see sweaters in outfit post and i thought their stuff would be really cute. but i only got two sweaters. everything looked like it was from the same five materials and were semi-trendy, middle-aged styles. i was thoroughly disappointed. but on the other hand i spent $107 at forever21. i could have spent more but there were so many people, it was crowded and the music was really loud, i couldn't concentrate on the items and i think i was over-stimulated. it was kind of stressful. i'm happy with my purchases regardless and it was a really fun day. 

here's a peek at our day!

corny beast!

i love the random stuff written on the walls in the bathroom.

and this funny grammatical horrorfest.

i want this in my apartment.

and a few edited with instagram.

joe and my new shades.

i thought the clouds would look cooler than this.

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