MELT! #3

Not yesterday, but LAST Sunday we went to Melt. It's slowly becoming a Sunday tradition for Joe, Kelli, Dave, and I. I apologize right now for my lack of pictures of our meals. :( I totally forgot because I was so damn hungry!

I got the Big Popper. Jalapenos, cream cheese, cheddar and it comes with the mixed berry preserves. It was AMAZING. However, just a tad hotter than I would have liked because of the peppers. Trust me, they weren't a normal, like, TGI Friday's popper kind of hot. They were pretty legit. But very tasty nonetheless.

I also got March's special sandwich, the Reuben Melt, to take home. It's pretty much your typical reuben only better because it's from Melt. AND it comes with the Russian dressing.

Don't ask me how, but I managed to get pictures of everything other than our sandwiches.

I found this written on the stall in the bathroom and I fell in love with it. I kinda want to get it tattooed somewhere. Kudos to whoever penned it!!!

Their menus  are pasted onto the backs of old record sleeves! We're always excited to see which ones we got.

I lied. here's a picture of my almost-finished Big Popper.

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