The People's Key

The People's Key is the most recent release from one of my all-time favorite bands...Bright Eyes. I absolutely love Bright Eyes. This band helped me get through my high school years and has always nurtured my creativity and free spirit. It's been some time since The People's Key was released, but I'm just now getting around to reviewing it.

***these are just my opinions***

Of course all of Bright Eyes' releases sound different. But I feel like this one is especially different in a way I can't describe. The spoken word recordings (via Denny Brewer) tie together the theme of the album--which seems to be a sort of evolutionary/theological debate seeking transcendentalist enlightenment. The songs will certainly leave you with mixed feelings as we jump from Shell Games to Approximate Sunlight to Triple Spiral. The messages are so strong. Especially that in Ladder Song--a lyrical wake written after the suicide of a close friend. On the flip side, the final track, One for You, One for Me, will leave you in a sort of floating trance. It has the potential to be the Nevermind to Bright Eyes' Nirvana. I don't mean it will be a hit, I mean that it is the album that sounds the most mainstream to me.

Conclusion: I love this album. It's hard to pick a favorite when they all sound so different but this one is definitely my second favorite.  

Also I cannot WAIT to go see Bright Eyes in June!!!!!

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