finally, film.

i finally was able to pick up my film from wal-mart. NEVER take film there. they're terrible!

anyway. these two rolls were the first time i really got to use my n2020. a lot of the pictures were just things around the apartment. the weather has been so lame that i had zero determination to go outside and adventure around for photos. i think my problem was that i got so excited that i could at last use my camera that i wasn't the most precise and would forget to let it focus! so all but 14 are pretty much complete, blurry, fail. (out of 60 prints!)

i uploaded them to my flickr page, (http://www.flickr.com/photos/kellyannee) but here are a few!

joe took the one below of mollie and me!

so, this one needs some explaining. it's our congratulations note from the Obamas! ha!

i kind of like that this one is blurry!

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