the one where they high-five.

SOOO i just found out that it is national high-five day. what?! why didn't i know this earlier?!?!?!?!

being that it is such an astute holiday, i thought i would post this picture.

i was so excited that we got this shot. all i wanted all day long was to add our own little touch. i wanted to write our own vows and he didn't feel comfortable doing that. high-fiving is totally an "us" thing. we're basically bros and it only makes sense that a bro would high-five another bro after said bro gets married. we just so happen to be lucky enough to marry our #1 bro!!

this was apparently a bigger deal than i thought. a good friend of mine actually started a story with the sentence, "These are the two who high-fived after the wedding." YES. that's exactly the effect i wanted! hence the Friends-esque post title.

photo credit goes to my bff, Kelli, as i said in my intro post. you can find her flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kelli_carney/

she has also been trying to figure out here own blog so be on the look-out for that link from me!!


  1. haha national high five day - how awesome!

  2. isn't it great?! i love all the random days they have to support such random things!!

    i'm sad that i missed record store day because i was so busy celebrating foursquare day! haha

  3. i know! there seems to be a something or other day every day (if that makes sense?). when was record store day?? thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :-)

  4. record store day was on april 16th!