adventures in baking pt 2!

I totally forgot that I attempted to make strawberry shortcake two weeks ago!!

Here are the pictures from said adventure!

The shortcakes were a little bit too small because I didn't have a round cutter that was exactly 3 inches, so I used that egg cookie cutter which was roughly the right size. And the strawberries didn't caramelize properly. But for the most part they were really good!

I also attempted to make Chicken a la King that night, too. I looked up the recipe in my cook book, but it didn't say anything about peas and I knew I wanted to have peas in it! So I looked it up online and found one. Well, I ended up buying lima peas (ew) instead of regular peas. I didn't even use them anyway. The online recipe wanted me to cook everything in the microwave in a 13 qt dish. My 13 qt dish doesn't FIT in my microwave. And the flour got all clumpy with the milk so I started freaking out and just decided to, in the middle of the recipe, switch to the one in my cook book which says to do everything stove top. I threw a bunch of stuff together and it actually came out REALLY good. But my kitchen was a mess! Joe brought home a white wine (that we actually liked!) and we had a really nice dinner. We also watched Wall Street 2, Hot Tub Time Machine and Hot Fuzz. I thought Hot Tub Time Machine was really lame. Movies are just so predictable to me now.

Here are some crafty pictures, too!

OMG all the felt!

Good night!

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