spring has sprung!

so i tried to go pick up my two rolls of film today. i took them to wal-mart because when i wanted to drop them off it was more convenient than taking them to walgreens. NEVER AGAIN! i always bitch after i've been to wal-mart so why did i think it was a good idea to take film there? long story short, my prints weren't ready yet. since that ruined my good mood i was in (i got a 98% on my psych of ed test and a 24/25 on my legal environment of business test -gloat-) i decided that i'd make myself feel better again by getting my flowers. it'll be warm enough soon and if the stores have them out already that must mean that it's okay to start planting. 

here are a few pictures for you!

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  1. i love the editing on these pictures, they make it look so fresh and fun! :)