current events.

a lot has been going on in my life. so much so that i haven't been able to blog as much as i'd like.

for some time now, i've been mulling over exactly what i want to do with my life, major in and so on. i started out as an education major. i love english and history and everything about teaching gets me emotional. i feel like it's a passion and a calling for me. but then i changed my major. i went from fashion merchandising to psychology to hospitality management back to fashion. then i got to thinking. back in the day, i used to promote bands and put together shows and i loved it. that is a passion, too. so i changed to marketing and advertising/public relations. at the beginning of the year, i began to miss teaching. but i still wanted to study the other two. i didn't want to make one my minor because i'd like to learn as much as i can. i sent an e-mail trying to inquire about triple majoring. i didn't get a reply until recently. i got the okay to triple major. but with all of these new requirement for teachers (i.e. the four year residency) i won't get a real job until the age that joe and i want to start having kids at. that just won't work. despite my love for education, i decided to drop it from my major. it's for the best. i can't spend 7 more years in school.

conclusion: i am now a marketing/advertising/journalism major.

in other news, i got called back to work last monday. which is great because we obviously need the money.

i was finally able to use my film camera! i've had it for how long? haha, i cannot wait to get everything developed.

i've gotten so many new clothes in anticipation for spring/summer, maybe i'll share them!

here are some pictures from the last few days!

my new lens!

the lens case i crocheted.

the apology flowers and card.

the awesome skirt i wore to work yesterday.

mollie (left) and her half-sister lacey!

one of my favorite quotes

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