suggestions, please!

i've been trying to think of ways to keep Hello Kelly interesting and make it something that readers want to see and come back to. one way i thought that i could do this was days-of-the-week-themed posts. like how some people have friday favorites or mixtape mondays. so i googled it and the only thing that i found was a suggestion for a "mommy blog" called wordless wednesdays. this gives mothers the opportunity to post pictures of their kids, basically. ehhh, kinda lame and not something that thrills me. so i thought maybe sunday fundays. since we usually do at least one interesting thing on sundays. if we don't, i can post a fun memory from back in the day. the other thing that i thought of, being that this is a lifestyle blog, is wish-list wednesdays. i'll post things like clothes and accessories that i'd like to add to my collection. joe suggested tuesday take-out where i discuss foodie-type things. he also suggested moronic monday. he said i'm always ranting about something (am i?) and that it could be an outlet for one rant a week. i like these ideas!

if anyone has any other suggestions i'd love to hear them!!

also, an idea that i've been toying with. i have my personal twitter (@okayykelly) and my blog-promoting twitter (@helllokelly). i've been wondering if it would be better for me to only have ONE twitter. then bloggers who follow me on twitter wouldn't think oh well, she never tweets anything except for blog updates so i'm going to unfollow her."  but then, my personal twitter i've always said i don't link it to my facebook for a reason. it's my true venting outlet. i'm very vulgar and sometimes insulting. but it's also a good representation of insight into my life. i'm horrified at the thought of making my personal twitter public. but i guess making it private wouldn't necessarily deter bloggers from requesting to follow me.

does anyone have any thoughts on this twitter issue??


  1. well, considering that I'm always (usually) a part of Sunday Funday ..I definitely like that idea. But I like the Moronic Monday one a lot! I would love to read a rant from you :) and the take-out Tues is good. they're all good. I just like reading your blog!

  2. i just have one twitter - i would get waay too confused with both haha.

    I like the weekly features ideas. I do snap happy friday (snaps of things I like in the week), big blog love sunday to recommend blogs i love, fun facts thursdays...i wanted to do more but having too many regular features can be limiting because you never have time to posta bout anything else. but i do love it when friday rolls around and i don't have to think about what i'm going to post as i know its snap happy friday!

    loved the wish list first post :-)

  3. i think i'm just going to overload on the themes until i figure out which ones i like best. that would be such a relief to know that you can just kick back and crank out a simple post on fridays!

    thanks for your feedback!!!