summer instagram.

being that fall is almost here, i thought i'd share some instagram pictures from summer as a wrap-up!

we went to the death cab for cutie concert in cleveland! i lost all other pictures from the concert though, when i switched computers :(

new summer hair!

i've decided to go completely vegan. which means nothing tested on animals will be used by me. i love method products!

jackie and randy finally got married this summer!

and so did elise and nick! i miss them so much.

it may be a little early to be using this cup but i'm obsesssssed.


tuesdays are for tunes.

since i'm in class from 11-315 on tuesdays now, it's not the best day for some great big blog post. so i've decided featured music is a good filler on tuesdays. i have a weird, quirky, vast, eclectic, random music collection so i hope you find something to enjoy in my insanity that is my itunes.

i have to admit that i'm really enjoying this Ellie Goulding young lady. i'm slightly embarrassed by it, but it happens. i started with Guns and Horses, then found her cover of Your Song by Elton John and fell all the way down the rabbit hole.



new things are happening. i feel better. okay that's a lie. i feel better about certain things. like my scholastic future. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. i've officially changed my major to Journalism with a marketing and advertising minor. my occupational spectrum is wide. however, i haven't seriously written since high school. so i need to jump back on the blogger bandwagon. i need to flex my mind's fingers again. only problem is that i work 5 nights a week now. which is great money-wise (for the most part), but that means less to write about, in a way. no great adventures like i used to have. i guess it will give me a chance to appreciate the little things better.

i'm actually taking classes that pertain to my major. ALL classes that pertain to my major, for the first time ever and i love it. i only need a few more gen eds. i'll be graduating next spring (2014). i'm so ansty, i can't wait.


the long morrow

It was him not fighting for me. I gave him the ultimatum and he let me walk away. I didn't want a life separate from him, and that's all he could give me. It's like he is driving a car and I just want to be in the passenger seat. He's locked the door and I have to hold onto the bumper. I am not even asking him to open the door for me, just leave it unlocked and say come in, but he didn't do that. So I am hanging on to the bumper and life goes on and the car goes on, and I get really badly bruised and I'm hitting potholes. And it hurts. It really hurts. So yesterday I had to let go of the bumper. Because it hurts too much.


lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

then he did get it together, he became that guy and he gets to be that guy with her. and i am in exactly the same place that i was in before. no it's not so bad, i'm lucky, i know, i just, i feel like, i'm never gonna have it. the whole package, you know. that person, that couple life, i swear i hate admitting it because i fancy myself wonder woman but i really want it. the whole package.