what i wore > work on a friday night

bear with me as my skills aren't that good yet.  but this is what i'm wearing to work tonight!

sweater - kohl's
cami - wet seal
skirt - forever21
shoes - target


blog lovin' time.

i'm up on blog lovin' now! check my left sidebar, kids!

wishlist wednesday > concert edition

time for my second wishlist wednesday!

i decided that i wanted to do a concert edition because i really want to go to a ton before 2011 is over. so here we gooo!

#1 leftover crack. (or any other stza crack band will do). i totally had the chance to see leftover crack back in the summer of 2009. but we weren't given all of the proper information and by the time we got to Mr Smalls Theater in Pittsburgh, they were sold out. to this day i still get really mad when i think about it. leftover crack is one of my top five favorite bands!

 #2 radiohead. i love thom yorke and in my eyes, radiohead can pretty much do no wrong.

 #3 sonic youth. no wave. enough said <3

 #4 the black keys. such fun music. find me another band like this, and i bet i still won't like them as much as i love the black keys.  and they're from akron!

 #5 hole. i don't care. i love courtney love. even if she did have kurt murdered. she rocks out so hard and has overcome so much.

#6 incubus. joe and i were just saying that since incubus has new music coming out that we really really want to go see them when they tour.


adventures in gardening

i just wanted to give everyone an update on my plants! (not that anyone particularly cares.) haha

it's been really rainy for the past two weeks, so they haven't gotten that much sun. some flowers haven't even bloomed yet and they're already brown :( but when the sun comes back around, i'm sure they'll be awesome again!

catching up with kelly

ONCE AGAIN i'm such a bad blogger lately! for a while there i was going strong almost every day with more than one post! what happened? who knows. but i promise not to have another mental breakdown like the one during finals week.

so what have i been doing that i can't love on my blog a little bit? like i said, it was finals week two weeks ago. i'm such a terrible procrastinator that i had 20 quizzes that were 20 questions each and three papers to write. one was a five page term paper that required five sources. i was slightly worried about those quizzes but apparently i didn't do poorly on them (or my attendance grade, yippee!) because i got A's in the two classes that i was taking; legal environment of business and psychology of education.

maybe i can blame my lack of posts on this. joe's work bought them all new macbook pros and he gave me his old macbook. it's a big change from my beloved dell and i'm still getting used to it. there isn't a spot for my memory card to just slide into, it doesn't automatically suck up pictures from my phone or cameras and i still don't know all of the shortcuts yet or where anything is, really.

last week i just kinda vegged out. and my birthday was on thursday! the big 2-1!!! my grandma gave me those Angels and Friends cookbooks that my family loves so much, mom and jeff gave me money, jessie got me a pens beer bucket that came with four pens tumblers, kelli and dave gave me alcohol and a vera bradley wristlet, joe's mom and bob gave me a bunch of jewelry and a purse from forever 21, and joe got me my D40! and a lot of accessories kelli gave us to go with it. he also got me pens earrings and a pens car window sticker that i wanted! kelli's family also sent a barnes & noble giftcard!  we went out for dinner at applebees after visiting chelsea at BW3's. our server was terribly slow and kind of dumb. then we had cake and ice cream at my mom's. after that we met bobby and raquel and a few others downtown! it was such a good 21st.

this week i'm starting my first summer classes, ever. yesterday i had micro econ with kelli and today i have financial accounting...from 11-2.20. kill me now. but at least they're only 6 week classes. this is going to be my life for the next two years. in order to graduate in 2013, i have to take 18 hours every fall and spring and take at least 3 summer classes. i want to see what scholarships or grants i can get after this fall and spring, because i plan on continuing to get all A's. maybe i'll take 3 classes both summer sessions next year and graduate a semester earlier than planned. i also need to figure out how to finagle a marketing internship and a journalism internship. we'll see how that goes!

oh and i dyed my hair. 
i think i'm going to make it just red again, though.


endless, nameless.

wow. i am so so sorry that i've been so absent lately. i've been busy with finals and school stuff since last monday. but finals are over for me (A's in my only two classes). i also worked thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, and monday, so i've been recuperating. it's been a not-so-good week for me. i'm dealing with PMS, stress from family stuff, stress from work drama, and just general stress from everyone else in my life. i feel like the most frustrated person alive. i just want to be done with school. i want to find a waitressing job closer to home. i want to move back to Girard. i want people to stop being so goddamn shitty. i want to move far, far away. i want my dog to not bark at every single person so that i can take her to the park and go for walks. it really sucks that she's inside all day and it makes me feel really shitty. i thought that since winter was over, i'd be happy and act happy but i just feel like everything is bringing me down. no one, and i mean no one is reliable anymore. i want to start over somewhere else. i really want to move to wilmington, north carolina. i want to go to UNCW. i want to stop acting so stupid and needy and making myself think that joe doesn't show me enough attention because, for the most part, he does.

i want to go back to senior year. i want to make different choices. i stayed here for a boy. a stupid boy who i didn't even end up marrying. a boy who lied to me. a boy who has no drive, no meaning to his life. a boy who, to this day, probably still doesn't have a job or a license. a boy who, essentially, i ruined my GPA for. i did shitty in bio lab my sophomore year because i was so distraught over him breaking up with me. that ruined my chance to get into national honor society the next year. i could have gone away to a really great school. not that there is anything wrong with YSU, i love YSU. but i could have gone somewhere in a nice little college town. i probably could have gone to an ivy league school if i would have realized that was an option back then.

if the person i was then, met the person i am now, i'd beat the living shit out of me. 

i'm completely wasting my young years. and i hate myself for it. i have so much potential. i had so much potential and i wasted it in my first year at YSU because i was so confused over personal things. i let them get to me. i didn't go to class. i turn shit in late. i dropped classes. i completely screwed my GPA. i had a FREE RIDE to YSU and now i'm over $10,000 in debt because i screwed it all up. over what? over boys. this is a disgusting realization about myself. how did this happen to me?

i completely blame the situation from my first apartment for my being beaten into submission and giving up. i went out one day and bought $200 in groceries, forgetting that i had just paid my $400 rent the day before. stupid stupid stupid! i was over-drafted $700. the stupid bank called my house phone and my mom found out. i could have just paid off the money in $181 installments. but no. my mother insisted there was no way i could do that and keep my apartment. i was working THREE jobs at the time, mind you. i totally could have kept it. but instead we paid back the money to the bank and paid my NINE HUNDRED DOLLAR LEASE RELEASE! yeah. that totally makes more sense than just paying back the money in installments and stay put, right? WRONG. if i would have just been a little bit smarter about my apartment, my life would be completely different. i never got to be the cool independent chick i always knew i could be. i hate that. and i hate myself for it. there are so many things that i wish i'd done different. i don't regret anything, i guess. i just wish i would have done it different.

so that was ridiculous.
but i had to get it out.


moronic monday -- front-runner sports fans.

hello all! welcome to my very first moronic monday rant! seeing as how there are basketball and hockey playoffs going on right now, joe and myself thought that front-runner sports fans would be a good rant subject. *these are my opinions. for the purpose of this "rant" post, they are meant to be as abrasiveness as possible, trying to keep foul language to a minimum!* 

seeing as how i am a fan of an NFL team who has won six superbowl rings, an NHL team that has an unbelievable playoff record, and an NBA team that once had LeBron James on their roster--i have seen as many front-runners as there are actual fans. this might be the most annoying goddamn thing in the world of sports. the fans who you don't hear anything about the team from until they're either doing well or in the play-offs. this also includes females who pretend to like sports to impress dudes. 

to the "fans" who rooted for the steelers on february 6, 2011 -- where were you last year (2009-2010 season) when we were shit and lost to the browns in that thursday night game? ALSO the morons who liked the steelers but then quit once all this crap about big ben came out (for the SECOND time, i might add). i hate him just as much as anyone and i've never really liked him. but this is my team and he won't make me quit liking them. i don't agree with them not getting rid of him, but that just makes you look like a douche if you change it up all of the sudden.

to the "fans" who wrote on facebook "I LOVE HOCKEY GO PENS" last wednesday -- where were you after the game? yeah, my team lost. but i still sported my pens coat and backpack the next day. you front-runners cheered for fleury in game one and then shit-talked him after games six and seven. it's not fleury's fault. we couldn't get one passed roloson. i love the pens more than any other sports team -- i loved them after each of those games and i will continue to love them. unlike you scumbags who rooted for the pens because they get so much hype and now that they lost, you're rooting for the trash ball washington capitals. that doesn't even make sense. the pens had a great season and i'm really proud of how well they did without Crosby and Malkin. i can't wait till next season.

to the "fans" who rooted for the cavs in the 2009-2010 season -- where are you now that LeBum is gone? yup, you're rooting for the heat, you goddamn traitor. yeah, i liked him when he was in cleveland. he made us all believe what we wanted to. in the end, he's a shitty human being and i'm glad he's gone. and if you really cared about cleveland, you would be, too.

so if you haven't been tweeting GO (insert team name here), then i want nothing to do with you when it comes to be the post-season.

now for you dumb girls who don't even know what bench points are. STOP IT, STOP IT NOW! you make the rest of us look stupid and you're a damn faker. you like whatever team your boyfriend likes, you own ONLY the team's MVP's jersey AND IT'S PINK! you are so stupid! open up a damn book and learn what you're rooting for. then maybe you can make some decisions for yourself and maybe the Erin Andrews of the world will CEASE TO EXIST!!!!!! Erin Andrews is so completely worthless.

NOTHING RELATED TO A SPORTS TEAM SHOULD EVER EVER BE PINK!!!! unless it's one of their colors.

well, i guess that's enough of a rant.