wishlist wednesday > concert edition

time for my second wishlist wednesday!

i decided that i wanted to do a concert edition because i really want to go to a ton before 2011 is over. so here we gooo!

#1 leftover crack. (or any other stza crack band will do). i totally had the chance to see leftover crack back in the summer of 2009. but we weren't given all of the proper information and by the time we got to Mr Smalls Theater in Pittsburgh, they were sold out. to this day i still get really mad when i think about it. leftover crack is one of my top five favorite bands!

 #2 radiohead. i love thom yorke and in my eyes, radiohead can pretty much do no wrong.

 #3 sonic youth. no wave. enough said <3

 #4 the black keys. such fun music. find me another band like this, and i bet i still won't like them as much as i love the black keys.  and they're from akron!

 #5 hole. i don't care. i love courtney love. even if she did have kurt murdered. she rocks out so hard and has overcome so much.

#6 incubus. joe and i were just saying that since incubus has new music coming out that we really really want to go see them when they tour.

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