moronic monday -- front-runner sports fans.

hello all! welcome to my very first moronic monday rant! seeing as how there are basketball and hockey playoffs going on right now, joe and myself thought that front-runner sports fans would be a good rant subject. *these are my opinions. for the purpose of this "rant" post, they are meant to be as abrasiveness as possible, trying to keep foul language to a minimum!* 

seeing as how i am a fan of an NFL team who has won six superbowl rings, an NHL team that has an unbelievable playoff record, and an NBA team that once had LeBron James on their roster--i have seen as many front-runners as there are actual fans. this might be the most annoying goddamn thing in the world of sports. the fans who you don't hear anything about the team from until they're either doing well or in the play-offs. this also includes females who pretend to like sports to impress dudes. 

to the "fans" who rooted for the steelers on february 6, 2011 -- where were you last year (2009-2010 season) when we were shit and lost to the browns in that thursday night game? ALSO the morons who liked the steelers but then quit once all this crap about big ben came out (for the SECOND time, i might add). i hate him just as much as anyone and i've never really liked him. but this is my team and he won't make me quit liking them. i don't agree with them not getting rid of him, but that just makes you look like a douche if you change it up all of the sudden.

to the "fans" who wrote on facebook "I LOVE HOCKEY GO PENS" last wednesday -- where were you after the game? yeah, my team lost. but i still sported my pens coat and backpack the next day. you front-runners cheered for fleury in game one and then shit-talked him after games six and seven. it's not fleury's fault. we couldn't get one passed roloson. i love the pens more than any other sports team -- i loved them after each of those games and i will continue to love them. unlike you scumbags who rooted for the pens because they get so much hype and now that they lost, you're rooting for the trash ball washington capitals. that doesn't even make sense. the pens had a great season and i'm really proud of how well they did without Crosby and Malkin. i can't wait till next season.

to the "fans" who rooted for the cavs in the 2009-2010 season -- where are you now that LeBum is gone? yup, you're rooting for the heat, you goddamn traitor. yeah, i liked him when he was in cleveland. he made us all believe what we wanted to. in the end, he's a shitty human being and i'm glad he's gone. and if you really cared about cleveland, you would be, too.

so if you haven't been tweeting GO (insert team name here), then i want nothing to do with you when it comes to be the post-season.

now for you dumb girls who don't even know what bench points are. STOP IT, STOP IT NOW! you make the rest of us look stupid and you're a damn faker. you like whatever team your boyfriend likes, you own ONLY the team's MVP's jersey AND IT'S PINK! you are so stupid! open up a damn book and learn what you're rooting for. then maybe you can make some decisions for yourself and maybe the Erin Andrews of the world will CEASE TO EXIST!!!!!! Erin Andrews is so completely worthless.

NOTHING RELATED TO A SPORTS TEAM SHOULD EVER EVER BE PINK!!!! unless it's one of their colors.

well, i guess that's enough of a rant.

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