catching up with kelly

ONCE AGAIN i'm such a bad blogger lately! for a while there i was going strong almost every day with more than one post! what happened? who knows. but i promise not to have another mental breakdown like the one during finals week.

so what have i been doing that i can't love on my blog a little bit? like i said, it was finals week two weeks ago. i'm such a terrible procrastinator that i had 20 quizzes that were 20 questions each and three papers to write. one was a five page term paper that required five sources. i was slightly worried about those quizzes but apparently i didn't do poorly on them (or my attendance grade, yippee!) because i got A's in the two classes that i was taking; legal environment of business and psychology of education.

maybe i can blame my lack of posts on this. joe's work bought them all new macbook pros and he gave me his old macbook. it's a big change from my beloved dell and i'm still getting used to it. there isn't a spot for my memory card to just slide into, it doesn't automatically suck up pictures from my phone or cameras and i still don't know all of the shortcuts yet or where anything is, really.

last week i just kinda vegged out. and my birthday was on thursday! the big 2-1!!! my grandma gave me those Angels and Friends cookbooks that my family loves so much, mom and jeff gave me money, jessie got me a pens beer bucket that came with four pens tumblers, kelli and dave gave me alcohol and a vera bradley wristlet, joe's mom and bob gave me a bunch of jewelry and a purse from forever 21, and joe got me my D40! and a lot of accessories kelli gave us to go with it. he also got me pens earrings and a pens car window sticker that i wanted! kelli's family also sent a barnes & noble giftcard!  we went out for dinner at applebees after visiting chelsea at BW3's. our server was terribly slow and kind of dumb. then we had cake and ice cream at my mom's. after that we met bobby and raquel and a few others downtown! it was such a good 21st.

this week i'm starting my first summer classes, ever. yesterday i had micro econ with kelli and today i have financial accounting...from 11-2.20. kill me now. but at least they're only 6 week classes. this is going to be my life for the next two years. in order to graduate in 2013, i have to take 18 hours every fall and spring and take at least 3 summer classes. i want to see what scholarships or grants i can get after this fall and spring, because i plan on continuing to get all A's. maybe i'll take 3 classes both summer sessions next year and graduate a semester earlier than planned. i also need to figure out how to finagle a marketing internship and a journalism internship. we'll see how that goes!

oh and i dyed my hair. 
i think i'm going to make it just red again, though.

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