happy camper.

here are some photos i'd like to share from when we went camping a couple of weeks ago. my parents have a camper set up at a site they spend every weekend during the summer at. it tickles them to death when we can come out and spend a couple days since we work so much.

mollie loves camping! she looks so ready.

i pass this barn everyday, i'm so glad i got to snap (a good) one of it.

lacy! lacy is mollie's half-sister. no, seriously. they have the same dad.

lacy and maggie. maggie is the oldest of the three. no relation to mollie and lacy.

apparently my mom is growing cannabis? 

i can't believe this ribbon is still tied to the umbrella. i tied this on here on my sixteenth birthday. it has survived six years and the move to the new campgrounds! nuts.

how do you like to spend your summers? 



just some cuteness that i get to enjoy every day.

i'll be working a double today. morning at rotelli and evening at station square. how fun! not.



i'm back! i'm done being a slacker-blogger. let's do this thing for real...again.

-summer classes were so annoying. but i annihilated accounting with an A and got a B in micro econ. i'm not happy about the latter, i guess it'll be okay, though.

-i was told that i wasn't allowed to be a server at station square so i turned in my application to over 20 places here in boardman. i interviewed at Rotelli and they hired me. then the crab company called me and wanted an interview. for being a local business, they run their place like a corporate business. i was told that i'd only be on friday and saturday nights for training. i can't do that. as soon as i put my two weeks in at station square, they wanted to work out a deal with me to get me to stay. so working somewhere else both weekend nights wouldn't work out for me. i just had a bad feeling when i left that interview anyway. youngstown sports grille called me shortly after saying they were having open interviews. due to a time conflict i couldn't make it, though. the crab company DID call me back, but i couldn't answer and they didn't leave a message. i'm content with just keeping rotelli and station square, though. i'll be keeping my hostess days and filling in when servers need off at the square. one of the managers even said that i should be trained behind the bar, too, now that i'm 21, since they always need bartenders. i'd be cool with that. tonight is my first shift at rotelli! am i the only person who as a little girl thought, "wow, i want to be a waitress when i grow up!" i'm not sure why i had such a weird fascination with this career when i was young, but this is almost some sort of validation..

-the main reason i applied in boardman and took a job in boardman is because i assumed we would be staying out here for a while. then, to our surprise, my mom and step dad offered to give us the down payment for a house. how freaking awesome is that? our landlord also said that we could most likely get out of our lease with as little as just having to pay an additional month's rent and possibly giving up our security deposit. fine by us. we looked at a house that was way out of our reach after finding out our pre-approval number and the limit to which mom and jeff would be willing to give us. which is fine because i'd rather get something smaller now, save up a bunch and then get a huge house of our dreams.

buying a house might be the most exciting thing i have ever done. even if it's not the one of our dream just yet. we've been so excited that we bought stuff already!

about $80 worth of king bed sheet sets for $26
linens & more for less

this king bed comforter set comes with a bed skirt, pillow shams and four accent pillows.
$20. originally $100
linens& more for less

table runner $14
place mats $3
Target of course!

curtains $25

we also got an 8 piece patio set at giant eagle of all places for $245! it's super nice.