happy camper.

here are some photos i'd like to share from when we went camping a couple of weeks ago. my parents have a camper set up at a site they spend every weekend during the summer at. it tickles them to death when we can come out and spend a couple days since we work so much.

mollie loves camping! she looks so ready.

i pass this barn everyday, i'm so glad i got to snap (a good) one of it.

lacy! lacy is mollie's half-sister. no, seriously. they have the same dad.

lacy and maggie. maggie is the oldest of the three. no relation to mollie and lacy.

apparently my mom is growing cannabis? 

i can't believe this ribbon is still tied to the umbrella. i tied this on here on my sixteenth birthday. it has survived six years and the move to the new campgrounds! nuts.

how do you like to spend your summers? 

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