a new addition

okay, i suck at blogging, we get it.

i haven't blogged for over a month. i've been very busy and sick and gross. my bad.

but anyway! i'd like to introduce the newest member of our family!!

her name is maddie! she was born on september 19 and we got her the sunday before thanksgiving. we drove two hours toward cleveland to pick her up. we love runts and she was the runt of her litter. the breeder said she hadn't shown her the other times that people had come to look, but she thought maybe she should show her this time. i think it was fate. we sat down on the floor to play with the pups and maddie kept running to me and jumping at our faces and wouldn't leave us alone! 

she's quite a little pistol. she yaps at us constantly, voicing her opinion on everything. she and mollie play so cute! my mom's oldest dog, maggie, loves her. maggie plays with maddie even more than she did with mollie and her sister, lacy. lacy does not like maddie at all. she's warmed up to her, though. she fits in with us so well, i'm so thankful to have her and mollie in our lives. we couldn't ask for two better pups.