new things are happening. i feel better. okay that's a lie. i feel better about certain things. like my scholastic future. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. i've officially changed my major to Journalism with a marketing and advertising minor. my occupational spectrum is wide. however, i haven't seriously written since high school. so i need to jump back on the blogger bandwagon. i need to flex my mind's fingers again. only problem is that i work 5 nights a week now. which is great money-wise (for the most part), but that means less to write about, in a way. no great adventures like i used to have. i guess it will give me a chance to appreciate the little things better.

i'm actually taking classes that pertain to my major. ALL classes that pertain to my major, for the first time ever and i love it. i only need a few more gen eds. i'll be graduating next spring (2014). i'm so ansty, i can't wait.

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