delta zeta lamps are burning.

i'd also like to dedicate a post to my sister who i shared the story of when i got my sparrow "in memory" tattoo. today is the two year anniversary of her passing.

the title of this post is a song that we sing during rituals and things like preference. we sang it before they lowered her casket. every time i hear it, i think of Jess. i've never in my life seen so many people at calling hours before in my life. she was truly loved by everyone and touched everyone's life.

on friday i got a facebook message from Jess's aunt. it said that she was telling Jess's parents about my tattoo and they were very appreciative and wanted my address. tattoos touch lives as well.

delta zeta lamps are burning,
are burning bright and true.
delta zeta vows we're keeping,
keeping all for you.
delta zeta now and ever,
we will faithful be.
delta zeta how we love thee,
our sorority.

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