14 Fun Photography Projects

i've always been interested in photography. when i was younger, i had a little barbie film camera, a black polaroid and always had disposable cameras. up until i was about 15, i always used disposables until i was given a hello kitty digital camera as a gift. for graduation i got a legit kodak digital camera. i mostly always just used my cameras for capturing memories, never for artful projects until i took art II for the second time my junior year of high school. our instructor gave us somewhat challenging photography projects to do and gave us a crash course in the Gimp photo editing software.

i'd really like to reawaken my skills and do some fun projects. as i've said before, i finally have a lens to use with my nikon n2020 and yesterday my polariod land camera came in the mail!!

it seems like a good time to try out some photo projects. here are 14 i found that i love!

1. photowalk once a week - go somewhere you don't normally go and click away.
2. photograph 100 strangers - always ASK to photograph strangers. especially if you plan on putting it on the web. take their photo and get a small back story.
3. A-Z photos
4. pick-a-something - pick a theme and take photos! (i.e. things that start with G, shoes, everything red, etc)
5. scavenger hunt
6. light graffiti
7. shooting from the hip - people and public places.
8. same scene, different time of the day/week/month/year
9. color co-ordinated
10. bokeh
11. facial expressions
12. word of the day
13. disposable camera fun
-smack it for double exposures
-damage the film - throw it in a pool, put it in the freezer, poke holes for light leaks.
-damage the lens - use a hot tool, scratch it with sand paper, put nail polish on it.
-send it on a journey!
14. make a polaroid calendar by snapping photos of different signs and such that contain numbers

i can't tell you how excited i am to do these and share them with you! if any of you try these projects, let me know so i can see them!

#1-6 www.digital-photography-school.com
#7-9 www.photoradar.com
#13-15 www.photojojo.com


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