Adventures in Cleveland.

I'm so far behind on everything! Last Wednesday, we had tickets to go see one of my favorite bands of all time--Queens of the Stone Age. I was so excited. I'm still giddy from it. 

We decided to TRY to go up early. However the snow was so intense on the way there that it took us way longer than normal. We still managed to arrive in time to eat at the place that we planned on called Pickwick and Frolic. It's a cute little restaurant/wine bar type deal with a theater attached. They've got a small menu but what we got was amazing. I apologize that the pictures are so dark. It was basically pitch black in there and I wasn't going to look like a freak and turn my phone's flash on!

I got the Farmer's Salad. It's got chicken, apples, tomato, and bacon. It is supposed to come with ranch dressing but I thought that raspberry vinaigrette would be better and it was.

Joe got this three cheese flatbread pizza. He claims that it tasted better than any other pizza he has ever had. But I thought it was comparable to pretty much any place that sells those huge pieces of pizza by the slice.

So we walk across the street to the House of Blues. Of course we're way early and I say "let's stand up front." It's a VERY tiny standing-room only kinda deal so I'm thinking, no one is going to be tweaking out like they would at a bigger venue. Joke's on me! This odd little foursome called the Dough Rollers opened for them. They were rock/bluesy and dressed in 40's-looking suits with slicked back hair. Obviously, I was the only one anywhere near us who is musically well-rounded because no one else could fathom what was going on. They weren't bad but they used the standard blues chord-progressions and what not. The only one I was impressed by was the guitarist. The lead singer/guitarist creeped me out, thoroughly. When QOTSA came on, the douchers who squeezed into the two inches of space that there was behind us started tweaking out, which was obviously something Joe wasn't expecting or happy with because I thought he was going to kill someone. Although, I can understand because he was getting beer all over him. So for two seconds I was 6 feet away from one of my favorite bands.

We enjoyed the rest of the show from right in front of the bar rails. Which was fine. They played their entire first album and 3 of my favorites right after. I was in my glory until I got a joint dropped onto my foot. 

Here are the pictures that I managed to take. (it sucked being on 5'6''). I took them with my iPhone 4, which is SUPPOSED to have excellent resolution and quality, the best out of any phone. But these pictures are terrible.

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  1. oh all these food photos make me so hungry! looks way good (: