18 Ways to Enhance Your Photography Skills

a while back i bought a couple of photography books. one that i really like is called 150 Projects to Strengthen Your Photography Skills by John Easterby. here are 18 that i love and i will be trying asap!

1. try shooting with your phone
2. build a creativity scrapbook to look at when you need some inspiration. it can contain lyrics, photos, paintings, etc.
3. take your camera out with you and take a shot every 20 minutes, no matter where you are.
4. capture human interactions in public places.
5. shoot without looking through the viewfinder to remain unobserved.
6. still life shots
7. domestic wildlife and zoo animals
8. shoot a protest or demonstration
9. local sporting event
10. portraits -- no smiling!
11. photo essay
12. learn about lenses
13. use lomography cameras
14. shoot with long exposures
15. practice capturing fireworks
16. understand depth of field
17. explore relationships between two people
18. photograph white/blue collar and outdoor workers


  1. ohhhh i love this and your last post. photography is awesome! i need to try some of these things :)

  2. oh man, thank you so much! i'm glad you liked them!

    let me know what you come up with! :))