earth day!

well i didn't realize i was such an environmental advocate until i received this text from Joe!

how freaking cute is that?! i guess it makes sense that he would wish a happy earth day to me. i don't let him throw away pop cans and i drive him crazy because i HAVE to save all of our grocery bags. i constantly bug him about recycling. i feel like there is too much trash in the world. i hate wasting things. i'm such a hoarder! when i was little, i used to save my colored pencil shavings in ziplock bags because i felt bad throwing them away because my parents spent good money on those pencils!

 i especially hate bottled water. sooo much of our water supply is in landfills trapped inside of water bottles. but i'm a bit of a hypocrite there because i always stock up on bottled water. they're just so convenient! i also have two or three starbucks tumblers that i never remember to use! i just can't wait until we have a townhouse or something so that we have room for those little blue recycling bins. 

also! in honor of earth day i will be wearing this dress to work tonight!

SHOOT! i forgot to add this when i first posted this!!!

ALSO!! please visit the website that promotes my very own sorority's PINK GOES GREEN!! http://www.dzpinkgoesgreen.org/ !!! you'll find great green ideas!!


  1. yay earth day! love the dress, super cute:)

  2. Oh that is really cute! I love random texts like that from my hubs. Happy Earth Day to you!
    Very cute dress!

  3. Heh, happy Earth Day! Verrrry cute dress!

    Recycling is very important. I bring my own bags and save plastic ones to reuse/recycle if I forget my bags at home. I also hate bottled water and carry a water bottle around with me EVERYWHERE.

    PS, hi! I'm a new follower over from LCH. :D

  4. happy earth day to you too! i always recycle etc too. :-) x