DIY Earring Holder/Organizer

another blogging first for me! my first DIY post!!!

so i really needed to do something about my little "jewelery box" seeing as how 95% of my jewelery is still at my mom's house in my legit box. it was just a huge dumping ground for gauges, rings, earrings, noserings, etc.. it was getting way out of control. i used to have two of those little earring holders from Claire's or afterthoughts but one got tossed back in the day and i think the other one is at mom's. and i can't find anything like that ANYWHERE. so i went through the interwebs and found an idea that involved plastic canvas. in reality, that's what i should have used because it's more stable, but i didn't feel like going back out and spending money (especially when gas hit $4.15 today in ohio. ouch!).

i found this link. it's a great idea and looks really cute. however, for some reason i just couldn't get it right. maybe i just didn't fully understand or read it closely enough. so i did my own take on it.

and here's a close-up of my post-earrings!

i kind of screwed it up. i used an old pair of nylons. i cut it off all the way up at the thigh. then cut that in half and cut them long-ways (hot dog style as per joe's request).  

i cut the top off of the lid to a shoe box so that just the edges remained. here's where i think i messed up a little bit. i should have left some of the top of the lid to keep the corners stable. but to fix that i just taped the corners to make sure they were secure. 

then i just stapled the nylons around the edges and viola! 

let me know if you try this DIY and i hope you enjoyed it!

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