till death thursday ; fun things to do in fall

in keeping with my fall theme, here are a few fun things to do in the fall with your honey!

-go on a hayride. whether haunted or not, a hayride is a good excuse to snuggle while taking in the sights and smells of fall.

-carve pumpkins. see who comes up with the scariest or most creative design!

-bake up pumpkin seeds together. pumpkin seeds are a good way to put the guts from your pumpkins to good use. you can sprinkle cinnamon or garlic salt over them, or spice them up with chili powder! there are a ton of recipes online.

-visit an apple orchard or fruit farm. i know here in northeastern ohio, we have white house fruit farms. they sell pumpkins, the BEST apples ever, cider, those yummy honey sticks, and all kinds of tasty things. joe's favorite are the donuts. we went last year and i even got to feed the ducks!

-revisit your childhood. play in the leaves together with your pooch!

-warm up apple cider and watch something fall-ish. like halloween or another spooky movie. i'd settle for some buffy!

-go for a walk. take a little stroll through your local park and check out the foliage!

-go to homecoming! what would bring back memories more than going to your alma-mater's homecoming football game? i loved walking around at the games and seeing all my friends. you know, before i had to grow up and get a job!

so whether you're old and married like me, or looking for something to do on a first date, i hope this helped!

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