sunday playlist.

i was definitely rocking out on my way home from work last night and on my way to and from the grocery store today. so i thought i'd share some tunes with you! i kinda dubbed today BLOODHOUND GANG SUNDAY. i loved it a little too much.

this song is totally a guilty pleasure of mine. don't judge.
3-6 Mafia - gotta stay high

municipal waste - the art of partying

every time i listen to this song, i love bad brains more and more
bad brains - banned in dc

bikini kill - star bellied boy

an oldie, but a goodie
the vines - get free

i so wish i was going to see primus on friday :(
primus - jerry was a race car driver

queens of the stone age - medication

leftover crack - one dead cop

kimya dawson - lullaby for the taken

and last but not least  

bloodhound gang - i wish i was queer so i could get chicks


  1. Have I ever told you how much I LOVE your musical tastes?!

  2. leftover crack AND kimya dawson ...yeeee! ps I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER you little cutie :D

  3. thanks haley!!

    kelli, you are the little cutie D: