till death thursday ; 15 things to do before you have kids

all the couples i have known that got married and then had a child within or around the first year they were married, have since separated and been divorced. i firmly believe that you need time to be a couple before you become "the so-and-so's" -- it's a big deal. you really need that time to see what each other is like. get a puppy or a cat first. that'll demonstrate how your spouse will be with children, to an extent. 

also, everyone says that the first one to two years are the hardest. i think that couples should wait until that crucial time is up to have a baby. but that is totally just my opinion! if you make it past that time frame, you should be pretty good! that gives you enough time to work out (most) of the kinks and see if this is something that can really last. joe and i both came from divorced parents, so it is really important to us that we and our children don't become statistics. 

so here is thenest.com's list of 15 things you should do before having kids to really fulfill that time alone together! let's face it, once you have kids, you're on lockdown for 18 or more years, depending on how many you have!

- go on a wine tasting tour at the vineyard.

- do something risky! like bungee jumping, sky diving or swimming with the sharks!

- complete your bar/restaurant bucket list!

- appreciate the bathroom alone.

- try to be empathetic towards parents with kids freaking out in public; yours will do the same.

- take a road trip!

- be spontaneous while you can.

- have a movie day and  night in bed in your PJs!

- have "boozy" lunches with friends.

- feed your minimalist side. the nest describes this one as basically enjoying your chaos-free years.

- have morning sex. ow ow!

- be the last ones to leave the party

- fly first class.

- wear fancy, dry-clean-only clothing while you can.

- take a career risk!

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