happy birthday mollie! 2 years old!

it's my mollie's 2nd birthday! i'd like to share the story of how we got her.
mollie is on the left. that's her half-sister, lacy on the right!
i'm not sure if our destiny to get mollie began when two of our family dogs passed away or when the yorkie we got first didn't work out. i'll tell both and try to keep it short!

i guess it all started when our dog, tiny, who we had since i was six passed away in the summer of 2009. shortly after that, my grandma (who lives with us) decided it was time to have her poodle, lady, put down, as she was starting to really get old and miserable. this left our schnauzer, maggie, all alone for the first time since we got her in winter of 2007. my stepdad swore he'd never get another dog ever again because he really took it hard when tiny passed. however, we could all see that maggie was really, REALLY sad. so in november, joe and i came home from november rain one night and my mom and stepdad brought home lacy that day from a breeder in salem! she was so cute!

later in november, joe and i started looking for an apartment. apartment = puppy time! when we had thought that we found a place (which eventually screwed us over) we put money down on a dog. i found her in the paper. she was a yorkie who was being "retired" and sold for $100. when we brought her home we discovered a laundry list of things we were not made aware of. she clearly had not had a bath for a long time, she had fleas, she was NOT potty trained (even though she was 5!), she was kept in a crate her whole life, terrified of tie-out chains, and SHE WAS NOT FIXED! you can imagine our frustration. we attempted to call these people and they ignored our calls.

i was still living at home so i couldn't have a dog with fleas around our 2 family dogs. i wasn't on winter break yet, so i didn't have time to be potty training a dog. to make matters worse, she was menstruating, too. i tried to find a place that would take the poor girl. even angels for animals wouldn't take her! i knew that if i took her to the dog warden, she would immediately be put down. i couldn't do that. i ended up finding a place that would take her in for the simple cost of what it would take to get her fixed. i cried all the way to the place and cried all the way home after i dropped her off. i knew they'd find someone who could give her the rehab she desperately needed. her name was cassie and i always wonder where she is.

after that awful experience my mom suggested that we get a pup from the breeder that lacy came from. this is how we found our mollie. mollie and lacy have the same dad but different moms!

mollie and lacy

mollie, maggie and lacy up front!

mollie is clearly the best and cutest dog ever. i've never had a dog like mollie before. i would do anything for her. she loves us to death but gets kind of sketched out by strangers! so if she's never seen you before or isn't used to you, she'll bark her head off like she thinks she's a german shepard! she would never hurt a fly, though.

before her first haircut

after her first haircut!

halloween 2010!


  1. Oh my goodness, that face is sooo cute! You're lucky to have her!

  2. aw thank you! yes we are VERY lucky!!