catching up.

my life. i totally thought that i had MRSA all last week. i had a weird lump under the skin on my leg. it felt like a black and blue mark but it's just a red spot. i went to the doctor on friday and he said it's nothing to worry about. so that was good. saturday, i attended my very first preference ceremony as a delta zeta alum. 4 hours standing up in high heels did not help my back which was already a little sore from friday. by the end of the night, my back and neck hurt so bad that i thought i was going to puke. i woke up in the middle of the night sweating to death. i went back to the doctor yesterday. i have a viral infection...GREAT. i get to stay home from work until friday and of course i have two tests this week of all weeks. ugh.

oh and we had tickets to go see the foo fighters last night but i'm obviously too sick for that.. :(

so i've actually been getting really discouraged when it comes to blogging. i feel like my ideas are kinda dumb and that my writing ability has gone down the drain. i'm not looking for compliments, just venting. i know with all my free time i should be cranking out scheduled posts, but i haven't done ANYTHING. i wasn't really sure what i could possibly blog about today.

ever since i was young, like 7 or 8 years old, i've had polaroids, barbie cameras, disposables, stolen my mom's from time to time, i even have a million videos of me and my friends. i've always loved taking pictures. but as i got into high school, i started taking less and less because i felt more and more awkward saying, ok picture time! i'm not sure why. now that i have a film camera and a DSLR, my problem is finding ways to make everyday objects interesting in a picture/picture-worthy. i clearly can't go out anywhere right now to find things so i thought i'd take up a big challenge for me and force myself to find things around the apartment/relating to me being sick to take pictures of. i think it's extra hard to do this when they're things you see and pass-over everyday.  so here's a few.

oh yeah and the pens are on tonight!

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