adventures in homeownership

i have good news and bad news! 

first the bad news. everything with the house has just been one big headache lately. the appraisal came back $2700 less than the price we agreed on. the seller wanted to take the three day labor day weekend to think about it. they came back that WEDNESDAY and said they wouldn't accept the new price because he doesn't want any less than $130,000. first of all, THANKS for making us wait that long for a response. second of all, you knew that from the beginning when you put your house on the market so i'm not sure why you didn't just say that when you heard the appraisal results.

good news. we worked it out, we just have to pay our own closing costs now. which is LAME. 

so we're waiting on our realtor to pressure them into giving us a move-out date so we can move in. we're shooting for october 1. 

here's a paint sneak-peak! (please excuse the picture-quality, i used my phone for these!)

sunroom, downstairs half-bath and possibly the family room.

this color is actually a deep red.
it's going in the upstairs bathrooms.

i love love LOVE this color. it's more the cerulean blue.
it's going in my office. 

not the darkest brown, but the one right above it.
it's going in the bedrooms and joe's office.

once again, not the darkest but the one above it.
it's going in the living room and dining room and possibly the kitchen.
the lightest color it going in the hallways!

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  1. AWW YAY! I'm glad it all worked out and you get the houseeeee. I'm still coming over to paint :D