FALL, my FAVORITE time of the whole year started at 5.05 am on friday! fall brings so many great things; pretty colors, crunchy leaves, it's color so you can actually wear cute clothes, scarves, mollie's birthday, sorority recruitment, a new school year, HALLOWEEN! and new this year, mine and joe's wedding anniversary.
 fall always reminds me of and makes me miss when i did the wicca-pagan-y thing. which is totally not even like, ooh hey let's get on broomsticks and turn people into beavers. no one believes they can do that except for the mentally ill! haha it's all about energy and being a good person. there are a lot of similarities between wicca and the three big religions. they just pray in a different way. i loved the harvest celebrations--bonfires with the crisp air. that was the best. you feel so much more aware of everything around you. i really do miss it, but i feel like there are so many weird misconceptions about it that i couldn't do it now and be as "out" about it as i was in high school.

but anyway! enough of the theological discussion. in honor of fall, i wanted to share some photos i took screenshots of on instagram that i think are awesome.

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