one photo per hour for a day :: the first day of school.

my first day of school was last monday. i decided to do one of those projects where you take a photo every hour. i really liked it, it's just hard to find something good to get a shot of!

7.46 on my way to school

8.21 great breakfast bought in williamson's schwebel cafe that is now an actual cafe

9.51 i managed to get the same desk in macro that i had in micro. they washed off all of my cheats and tried to get rid of all of my leftover crack lyrics! 

10.45 shlepping all over campus.

11.45 welcome to YSU, kiddos. the article is quite hilarious and sad. learn how to speak your native language, please.

12.58 got some lunch to take over to kelli

1.59 headed back to boardman after class!

2.40 miniature shopping trip. toy for mollie, shoes, sewing kit for kelli, umbrella earrings and over-sized blue coffee cups.

3.15 oreos and peanutbutter for snack time. thanks, parent trap.

4.18 relaxing with mollie. the afternoon drags while i wait for joe to come home.

5.52 i walked in on joe making a surprise for me so i had to leave. 

6.28 i caved and gave mollie her birthday present over a month early! spoiled.

7.05 breakfast for dinner! (it's your favorite, paulie.)

8.07 relaxed little husband feet.

9.00 sunset walk with mollie

10.01 someone brought us handel's

11.06 bedtime!

i think that if we were all trying to find someone interesting and worthwhile to take a picture of every hour of every day, maybe we would enjoy our lives a little bit more.