We Remember...

on september 11, 2001, i was 11 years old. we walked into art class like any normal day. someone said, "the president is dead!" obviously that wasn't true. i just remember being really confused. i don't think i'd really even heard of the world trade center until that day. i can't remember if we were sent back to our period 1/2 classes or if we just went back ourselves. our art teacher wouldn't turn the TV on, but when we went back to 1/2, we watched the whole thing. we saw the second plane hit the second building.. i remember being so fascinated by that image. it was so..almost nonchalant, like it was no big deal to run a plane into a building, or like it was just a spur of the moment decision.

we watched, cried, were confused, and saw our teacher's co-teacher freak out over the location of her husband. he was okay, thankfully. before lunch, my mom came and got my childhood best friend, katie, and me. we went back to my house and watched, still mesmerized. that was when we heard that al queda may have been involved. the weirdos that we were, we got out my ouija board and asked it, haha.

i can remember walking down to highland dairy to get a newspaper. i just looked at the sky towards new york. it was so strange to think that i was standing on the same ground that this horrific event was taking place on. watching it on tv, it seemed like it was a whole world away. but looking up at the sky, like i was going to be able to see smoke, i felt so overwhelmed. i couldn't even imagine what the world would come to be like after that day.

later that evening, the church that my family attended wasn't holding services. however the catholic church was. my mom's friend, my mom and i went to st rose for their service. we aren't catholic, so we didn't know that when you enter the pew, you kneel first. we almost tripped and fell over linda in front of the whole church! a small bit of laughter on such a horrible day.

after that day, i kept newspaper cut-outs. especially the one that showed a photo of what people thought was satan's face in the smoke pouring out of the buildings. horrible things like this fascinate me. i'm not a patriot by any means, but i get so emotional over 9/11. i get infuriated, in fact. how could you do this to innocent people? i'm skeptical of whether bush was involved in this; if he was, how could he? tonight we watched the accidental 9/11 documentary. our high school economics teacher showed us some of it, but not all of it. it's intense to say the least. faced with the decision to either jump out the window of the 90th floor or attempt to escape or burn alive..i'm not sure what i would do. and still, 4 years after the first time i saw the film, i still get emotional when i hear the bodies hitting the cement.

so that's my garbled story.

now here are some tunes.

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