tuesdays with mollie.

Yesterday was an overall good day. It snowed. A lot.

Joe and I had our date night! First we went to Panera which is always so damn good. Then we went on a tiny adventure to fine adequate winter footwear for me--and I love my new shoes!! Then we came home and watched Inception. The ending pissed me off so bad! Other than that it was a good movie. Ellen Page had me hooked right off the bat.

Today I've just been bumming around. I did my collections pictures for my earlier post, had lunch and paid my car payment. Tonight we're going to watch The Social Network and play Scrabble!! (which we were supposed to do last night)

I've really been feeling like I need to get out lately. I think it's just because it's been so shitty out and it's making me feel shitty. I love winter clothes and outfits and I really wish we could go out more but our schedules suck. I'm just really afraid of regretting not having more fun during this time in my life further down the road when I have kids. Normally people go out and have fun before they're married because they think that they can't after. I don't think that's true but we're not doing much to prove otherwise. I need to go out and see people, meet people and interact. I hate being confined to this job. I think it's a large part of it. On the nights that I'm off, I just want to relax and not do anything, on the nights that I'm not, I get out too late to do anything at all. I know that I have to keep if though if I'm going to be a co-applicant on a loan for a home in a year.

Anyway! Here are some photos from yesterday!


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