For some reason, I just really feel the urge to post all of the random shit I collect.

~My wide array of nail polish. It took me forever to find the hot pink "Passion Fruit" color from ORLY. It's by far one of my favorites.




~Gawdy Jewelery. (a lot of owls and sparrows)




~Of course, Hello Kitty. Which I feel like I have a LOT more of, but I'm not sure where it is.



~"So..." Brand Camis from Kohl's
~Wet Seal Camis

~Wet Seal Tanks

~"So..." Brand Tees from Kohl's

~Soffee Shorts. I used to have a pair of cute navy blue ones with white stars but I can't seem to find them :(
~"So..." Brand Thermal Long Sleeve Tees from Kohl's


~Chucks! I used to have a million more pairs but thanks to high school they stunk horribly, so I have to start my collection over.

The clothing pieces that I have, I love because they're simple and inexpensive. All you have to do is wear a different color and it switches up your outfit. It's good to have a variety of camis and plain tees. Same with the Chucks!


  1. jesus! thats loads!!! get commenting on peoples blogs :) or join swapbot and take part in a blog link swap! Join in online art classes etc.. thats how i made all my blog friends!

  2. oke! thank you for the suggestions!!!