ordinary tuesday?

so yesterday started out fairly normal. I was totally motivated to clean and do laundry and such. The clothes and necklaces that I ordered from forever21 finally came!!

For some reason I'm highly fascinated with
a) striped shirts
b) owls
c) sparrows
d) anchors
All but striped shirts have meaning associated with them. Owls are supposed to represent strength of mind, "wise-ness", and luck. Sparrows I like because I've always known them to be the "in memory of" bird. I really want one tattooed on my arm in memory of my sorority sister who died April 24, 2009. The cause of death was an enlarged heart, which was eerily fitting because she was the nicest, most loving person that I have ever had the privilage of knowing. Lastly, anchors represent strength and stability and longevity--3 things that are important to me because of my marriage.

Joe came home for lunch and left to go into a 3 hour long meeting. After, I tweeted that I wished I had the guts to go get a grilled cheese tattoo for our Melt outing on Sunday. For those of you who don't know, Melt is a restaurant in Cleveland that specializes in gourmet grilled cheese, which is freaking awesome because cheese is the best thing ever!! If you get a grilled cheese related tattoo, you get 25% off of your bill FOR LIFE! Now, I had never gotten a tattoo before because I was so afraid of the pain, although I do have my nose pierced and gauges...go figure. Kelli tweeted me back and said that we totally should and that she and Dave were down if I was. Of course I was! I just wanted to wait to discuss the money aspect with Joe. So we waited for him to get out of his meeting, which lasted till the end of his work day.
Well, long story short, Joe and I fought about it and he tricked me into not getting on my wrist like I wanted, which I am grateful for. But we got them!

my upper-ankle

Dave's thigh

Kelli's heel (OW!)

I can't believe how much it didn't hurt anywhere near what I expected. You can agree that this is totally stupid and lame and I'll regret it later but
a) it's hidden
b) i just don't care. at all.
c) I've never done anything spontaneous or stupid with my friends before except for small stupid high school crap. I'd regret it if I DIDN'T do it.

So we ventured back to our apartment to watch the OSU game when Nick and Elise (our neighbors) wanted us to go to a nearby bar called Quench because Nick was leaving for two months. We did and it was the most fun I think any of us have had in a long time. It was such a ridiculous night. Nick always buys everyone's drinks and is generally awesome, and I saw Elise more drunk than I ever have.
Highlights of the night:
~Joe got me a free MacBook by buying a round of shots.
~Nick and Elise wanted to see Dave's thigh tat, so he pulled down his pants on the patio at Quench! baha, he later told Kelli that he thought Elise saw his weiner.
~Me and Kelli just being assholes in general.
~Wendy's totally screwing up our order. I got two spicy hot chicken nuggets in my regular nuggets.
~Dave immitating Mystical to a t and showing us how Wang orders.
~All of the sex jokes. ahem.
~Elise texting me saying that she was sleeping outside.

Such a great night with such great people. I didn't even mind waking up for work...kind of.

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