"All this worldly wisdom was once the unamiable heresy of some wise man."

The title of this entry is a Henry David Thoreau quote. I thought that it was appropriate because tomorrow is the first day of a new semester. I really do love school. I love the promise that a fresh, new semester holds. Learning has to be one of my favorite things. Even in high school going to school didn't bother me because it was so easy for me. It didn't feel like actually being in school. I haven't really been on my game since my first semester. I think that last semester was kind of a wake up call. I figured out how to enjoy the workload again. I still feel like my collegiate pathway isn't quite right yet. After finding out that the program I want isn't offered anymore, I've been kind of restless. I just don't think that there is really that big of a job market here for a person with the degree I'm going for, that's why I wanted to be able to teach it, too. Thanks YSU education department. You suck. And I'm not moving out of this area to find a job. I'd feel a little bit better about securing a job if I had the option of teaching also. One is a passion and one is like a calling. I'm still super excited about going back tomorrow.

I feel like there are so many things I want to learn and it'd be ridiculous to get a degree in all of them. I wish I had the money and time to study everything that I want to. Like english, history, journalism, art, education, fashion merchandising, psychology, marine biology, sports marketing/administration, communications, film making.. I just want to have so much knowledge that my face explodes. Hopefully this semester I'll have the energy to actually look like a human being.

Anyway, this past weekend was nice! My film camera came on saturday! I just need to get a lens. Kelli and Dave spent the night that night also. We played Cranium for like, four hours and made multiple grape bombs. Kelli and I got Panera as soon as it opened! I also made breakfast for everyone. I love my friends.

Overall I think the next few months are going to go very nicely. I switched one of my night shifts for a daytime shift every other week so that we can start having Good Thursday at Quaker Steak with 50 cent boneless wings. I'm going to get my exercising back on track. Kelli and I are going to have Thrifty Saturdays or Sundays. I'm going to get my trust fund thingy freed up when I'm 21 so I can take summer classes. I want to start cooking a lot more and use the huge cookbooks I got from the wedding. I really wish I could start gardening. Maybe I'll buy one or two of those window sill-sized follow boxes. I'm going to start crocheting and knitting more, too. I have a bunch of stuffing that I bought when I made Kelli's camera pillow, so I think use up a lot of that. I'm having lunch with Raquel and Stephanie tomorrow and I want to do more of that too!

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