hello kelly's Infinite Playlist.

Very frequently, I come across somebody on Facebook or Twitter saying that they are in need of new music suggestions. Being a self-proclaimed "music connoisseuresrex" I get very anxiety-ridden trying to decide what music to suggest. (Oddly enough, I curse people for not liking good music, but then when something that I really like becomes popular, I get really pissed.)

To solve this problem, I have decided to go through my iTunes, song-by-song, and select my favorites and post them here. Then I can redirect people needing suggestions to my blog posts tagged as Ultimate Playlist.

Here are the first 64. Some, I'm not so proud to say I consider a favorite but, I will not exclude some just because it's not considered "good music". Some of it isn't even considered good music by my own standards, but I like what I like.

1. against me - you look like I need a drink
2. aimee mann - pavlov's bell
3. alanis - eight easy steps
4. alanis - still
5. alanis - uninvited
6. angie hart - blue
ani difranco
7. both hands
8. letting the telephone ring
9. worthy
10. tiptoe
11. not a pretty girl
12. the million you never made
13. reprieve
14. antsy pants - vampire
15. atari teenage riot - fuck all!
16. atari teenage riot - deutschland (has gotta die!)
17. atmosphere - the keys to life vs. 15 minutes of fame
18. azure ray - november
19. azure ray - the drinks we drank last night
20. bad brains - pay to cum
21. bad brains - banned in dc
22. barry louis polisar - all i want is you
23. beat steaks - god knows
24. beck - everybody's gotta learn sometime
25. bedouin soundclash - when the night feels my song
26. betty blowtorch - party til ya puke
27. betty blowtorch - ode to dickhead
28. betty blowtorch - i've been so made lately
29. bif naked - nothing else matters cover
30. big naked - lucky ones
31. bikini kill - thurston hearts the who
32. bikini kill - rebel girl
33. bikini kill - alien she
34. bjork - cvalda
35. bjork ft. thom york(radiohead) - i've seen it all
36. black flag - clocked in
black keys
37. thickfreakness
38. strange times
39. hard row
40. set you free
41. have love, will travel
42. the bled - red wedding
43. brand new - sic transit gloria, glory fades
44. brand new - okay, i believe you but my tommy gun don't
45. brazil - and so it goes
46. the breeders - buffy theme (of course i put this in here)
47. the breeders - happiness is a warm gun cover (way better than the beatles)
bright eyes
48. a line allows progress, a circle does not
49. a perfect sonnet
50. feel good revolution
51. no lies, just love
52. sunrise, sunset
53. waste of paint
54. neely o'hara
55. the calendar hung itself
56. lover i don't have to love
57. bowl of oranges
58. lua
59. you will. you? will. you? will. you? will.
60. let's not shit ourselves (to love and be loved)
61. drunk kid catholic
62. happy birthday to me (feb 15)
63. a celebration upon completion
64. the cardigans - lovefool

note: 19 of these are bright eyes songs. :) win.

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