there's an app for that.

i promised a Top Apps post and here it is!

for the longest time i was completely opposed to Apple products. i was on the Robotics PR team in high school and the desktops that we had to use were Macs and i HATED them. looking back now, i guess it was because they were old and the programs were outdated and thus, difficult to understand and use.

but i got an iPod when i was 16. pretty much because i had way too much music and it was the only reliable mp3  player that i knew of at the time. despite that, i still hated iPhones. but now that i realize their awesomeness as a productivity/multitasking/organizational tool, i love mine! of course the first thing i did was seek out the applications that would maximize my phone's potential to be this type of tool. most of them were pretty lame, though. i like to have my schedule written out. BUT i have found some pretty cool apps that i use on the regular. most of them probably aren't that great to other people and some are just games but i wanted to share!

so without further adieu, here are my Top 15 Apps! (these are just my opinions and i am in no way affiliated with the following applications or Apple Inc. products.)

 foursquare. i love love love this app. it is what started the whole checking-in-on-facebook fad. except here, you get points and become the "mayor" of places where you have been the one to check-in at the most. it's excellent for exploring new cities. you can search for specific types of venues and other users can leave tips or "to-do" items about dishes to try, etc. some venues even run specials for mayors or first-time check-ins. you even get cool badges when you meet certain check-in criteria. like visiting 10 pizza places or shouting "Go Steelers" when you check in somewhere on superbowl sunday. i currently have 1923 check-ins, 21 badges and i hold 18 mayorships!

 urbanspoon helps you find restaurants nearby! i haven't gone anywhere new since i downloaded it but it looks neat and i can't wait to try it. you can search for specific foods or prices. it even has a feature where you shake your phone and it spits out a random city nearby, type of food and price range that will show you restaurants that meet your parameters.
 instagram is by FAR the best photography app i have ever downloaded. it has awesome filters to pick from. black and white, old-school 70's-looking, grainy, over-saturated, etc. you can add friends and see their photo stream, as well as linking it with flickr, myspace, facebook, twitter, and so on. HIGHLY recommended!
 foodspotting allows me to do what i did everywhere anyway; take pictures of the food i love and display it for the world to see. it's kind of like foursquare in that you sort of check your photo into the restaurant that it is from along with what it's called and a review of how it was. this is also linkable to all social media outlets.
i'm a nerd, i love scrabble. so when i discovered words with friends (although i was somewhat late on finding it) i was elated. it is just was it sounds like, digital scrabble that you can play with almost anyone. as you can see, i had over 11 games going at one time. it seems like everyone ELSE has discovered words with friends and twitter and are jumping on the bandwagon. it's too overwhelming and not fun to have that many games at once, though so i resigned from all but like, 5 of my games and those 5 are my favorite people.
i'm not going to lie, i'm REALLY obsessed with this game. the original is call reMovem. i have the original, christmas and halloween is my favorite. you have to try to get rid of all of those little circles. you can only remove them when there are two or more next to each other. eh, i'm a dork!
 obviously angry birds would be on anyone's top apps list. i love it. i've got seasons and the newest, rio, which i downloaded last night and played until like 4 in the morning. it's so addicting. also, go on YouTube and look up angry birds peace treaty. it is the cutest and funniest thing i have ever seen. almost.
i pity everyone who doesn't have an iphone and cannot use these! they're essentially just emoticons, but there is food, items, symbols...using them is really fun and sometimes completely lewd.
cover your ears, boys. this app is called period tracker. i love it because i never know when it's going to happen because i'm so not on schedule ever. you can keep track of several things like cravings, cramp intensity, mood, intimacy dates, and also temperature and when you're fertile if you're trying to get pregnant.
 smartsync syncs all of your facebook friends to your contacts. it adds profile pictures, birthdays, places of employment, etc. it helps your contacts be "fuller".
of course twitter is on here. i'm obsessed.
 ...and facebook, too. i'm basically just a social media advocate. i love their practical uses for business, networking, advertising, etc.
 i NEED my scorecenter to stay up-to-date on all of my teams. it allows you to add your favorites and sends you game updates based on you preferences.
 ahh, yes. texts from last night. my guilty pleasure. i remember freshman year of college, someone told me about tfln and i thought it was stupid and not funny. either i was too drunk to understand or not drunk enough to think it was funny but i LOVE it now. people submit their heinous, rude, scandalous, and just plain stupid texts, well, from last night. i love finding ones in my area code.

SHAZAM! a looooong time ago i saw a commercial for this app and was instantly pissed that i didn't have the proper cellular device to support it. music is my obsession and i love finding new music. so this app is perfect for me!

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