new additions.

joe and i have obviously added some new additions to our apartment since february. so here's a look!

some cute spring cookie cutters.

i want to start gardening this year. we bought planters that sit on our railing on the balcony and i'm going to put these stones in them.

this GIGANTIC coffee cup is sitting on our bookshelf right now, but come spring, flowers are going in it!

this is my first sewing machine that is all mine!

my nikon film camera, which is essentially the first "nice" camera i've owned, aside from my polaroid that i got when i was 8. which i STILL have to find!

these are the two cameras that joe's mom gave to me along with a camera bag and tripod.

this monster is one of the lenses she gave to me to go with the canon.

and this is the desk that joe constructed for me. (wow the picture quality is terrible!)
i love it!

my last new addition is a very exciting and serious one for me. i am a sister of delta zeta. in april of 2009, one of my pledge sisters passed away at the age of 20. she was with her boyfriend back home instead of being at initiation for our newest baby turtles. they were at home watching a movie when she tried to say "i feel like i'm going to pass out." but before she could get the words out, she fainted. he tried to give her CPR but she was already gone by the time the paramedics got there. i don't know what we would have done if this had happened at initiation. i think we would have been scarred for life, even more so than we are now. i'd never seen so many people at calling hours before. there was a line wrapped around the block almost. Jessica Mayle was the nicest, sweetest, kindest person i have ever met and probably will ever meet. she was so grateful for anything and everything in life and she loved delta zeta more than anything. so i guess it was fitting when the autopsy showed that she had died from an enlarged heart because she truly did have THE biggest heart. she was amazing. when we had recruitment that spring, she introduced herself to all of the new girls like this, "HI i'm jess mayle, i'm FABULOUS, don't be alarmed."
so for forever i'd wanted a tattoo in memory of her and her fabulousity and i finally got it on friday!

it looks so FABULOUS and i will never get a tattoo anywhere but BAREKNUCKLE!


  1. wow what a post! so many things in it! first off congrats on your own sewing machine! and ooohh ahhh at your camera collection, i love me some cameras! i also love your desk space, it looks so crafty! and your tattoo is really beautiful. where is the place you go?


  2. i want your cookie cutters and all your cameras! and i love your tattoo. i never got to acutally meet jessica, and i remember when i got a phone call from my big telling me about what happened. i wish i could have gotten to meet her and know her--not only does she sound like a sweet person, but also a fun and silly person to be around. reading that part in your blog about her and your tattoo made me smile :) a beautiful tattoo to honor her. i love it.

  3. b- thank you thank you thank you! haha i go to bareknuckle in austintown. it's on raccoon across from gossip!

    cait- thank you also! :)

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