handmade hero.

i've always been a very crafty person. since i was little, i've known how to knit, crochet, sew, cross stitch, etc. so why not put it to good use? i want to open an etsy shop, and i don't quite have enough items yet but i'd like to share what i have so far!

the last two are brooches. i'm working on a little owl. i'd like to do a few more with buttons, small twitter-looking birds, penguins, MAYBE flowers. as for the pillows, i'd like to do more owls but in different colors, a checkerboard, and iphone homescreen like with apps, maybe an angry birds theme, and Kelli wants me to make one with a beagle.

i'm thinking about trying to do coasters and iphone/ipod/blackberry coozies, too!


  1. that owl pillow is super cute!


  2. okay i'm being super comment-y (if that's a word) all your stuff is super cute! seriously send me a link when you get your etsy shop going, i love esty! i wish i had more time to do a shop myself. i think i may need to buy an owl pillow from you.

  3. yay thanks guys!!

    and commenty is totally a word! i don't know if you're a buffy fan at all? but adding "y" to the ends of words is a buffyism that i adore!