Reunited & it feels so good.

i am so very disappointed in myself. i haven't blogged in over a month. but that stops now!

since my last post:

-doing a lot of shopping
-trying to keep up with school
-been working, obviously
-gotten like, 3 canon film cameras from joe's mom. i still like nikon better.
-bought my own nikon film camera
-attempted to make a quilt. i've been slacking on that, too.
-joe, kelli, dave, two of their friends, and i went back to MELT
-& i got my third tattoo on friday!

so my agenda for today:

-i'm going to make cookies from scratch. maybe cupcakes, too! that's a lot for just the two of us, but our neighbor, nick, came home yesterday so i'll give some to nick and elise.
-finish cutting the squares for the quilt.
-upload pictures from the last month and fully update about my life.


  1. yay i'm glad you're back! what's your new tattoo?


  2. it's a sparrow with a banner that says RIP Jessica Mayle. i love it, it's so pretty! i'll post pictures. i think i posted a picture on twitter, too!