till death thursday ; our fall decor!

well we just put away our halloween stuff (which i'm totally sad over). however, here's a look at the rest of our fall decor! it's not ALL of it, that would require so many pictures.  these are my favorites!

(ew! this is so dusty! i didn't even know. thanks, flash.)

thankfully, we are lucky enough to [mostly] agree on decorations and have the same vision for what we want our home to look like. a lot of couples just have the female decorating everything. i don't think that's right at all. it's like the line in Juno "she gave you one room in the whole house to put your stuff? she's got ya on a long leash there, mark!" (or something like that). it's your home. together. let him pick out a freakin' panel of curtains!

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  1. I love the fall decor! And I agree, my boyfriend and I have input on everything in our house (aside from the bathroom which I did in rubber duckies)! Our living room is all tribal & tiki masks, our dining room/computer room is all posters from festivals & shows we go to, and our art, and the bedroom is hippie-fied!