fall inspirations

we have a vast amount of woods behind our house. so yesterday while i waited for joe to get home, i explored a bit with my camera!
this is actually yesterday morning. we had crazy fog until like, 11 am!

super pretty, right? i'm so lucky to live here!

today i had a macro test. i got 105.5 on the first one, without even studying. i figured the second one would be similar to the first. but, TOTALLY BOGUS study guide, and super lame problems = i left a few things blank and sucked at life on the rest. but even if i get a 50% on this bad boy, i'll still have a B in the class. Even if i get NONE right (which i know i got a few), if i do well on the final, i'll still get a B as my final grade. bazinga.

as for the remainder of the day, i work tonight. until then, i will be working on something really awesome that i've been planning for a while. it involves december/christmas, animals and blogs! watch out!


  1. I love Autumn so much! The colors are always so amazing! Your backyard is so pretty, I am jealous.