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let's see. we didn't really do too much to this room. we took down those hideous drapes and put up nice curtains. we didn't put in new carpet or lights, and we didn't paint. so i guess this room wasn't very fun!

as for life, i worked so much last week! but it's really paying off. i had an accounting test and a macro quiz today and tomorrow i have a psych exam! sheesh. 

our housewarming party wasn't really a hit. only NINE people came. wowza. but then on thursday, craig, steve, gina, and chelsea came over for some drinks, beavis and butthead and the league. the boys left and joe went to bed, but us girls stayed up and pretty much just gossiped like schoolgirls. it was nice, though. it's nice to find genuine people that you can really be friends with.

i've also decided that in regards to my christmas animal charity fundraiser, i'm going to put it on hold until february and make it valentine's-themed. i came up with the idea too late and haven't had much time to plan and make things for my etsy shop. i feel guilty, though!

speaking of animals, joe and i have decided to get our new puppy sooner rather than later. i found like, four ads in the cleveland plain dealer offering schnauzer puppies for sale; so stay tuned!

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