till death thursday ; how we met.

how we met is a story that doesn't really make me look that great. i'd been in a relationship for like, three years. i started working at station square the day after i turned 18. at first, i thought that joe was a total pompous jerk. after a long time, he didn't seem that bad. we became friends, which was hard because i was with dan. our relationship started to not do well. i didn't feel loved or desired blah blah blah. basically i did a lot of things i'm not proud of. i admit i was wrong now. but i found someone with the same goals as mine. 

it took me a hell of a long time to get him to this point though. we both did a lot of things to make the other one jealous. he constantly pushed me away, said that certain things which were really meaningful to me were mistakes.. but finally, after a night at the bar, i jokingly (and lamely) said "text me if you love me!" fifteen minutes later, i get a text saying, "i do." i played dumb and asked, "you do what?" he said that he didn't want the first real time saying it to be through a text. but i pushed and he said it. i felt so accomplished. haha after a couple of weeks we decided that we should get married. 

on my first black friday shopping trip, i picked out my ring. i pestered him constantly about when was i going to get it. there was an incident around christmas where i was bugging him about my presents. he told me to go upstairs and not come back down until he told me to. he told me to put my hand inside of a box. i thought, oh my god, it's going to be my ring! nope. he was just trying to teach me a lesson about snooping for presents or something. naturally, i was really upset. i know he didn't mean anything by it. but when you get your hopes up for something like that, it's intense. 

he's a browns fan, i'm a steelers fan. that season, i knew my team was doing very poorly. when the two were playing each other, i sensed we were going to lose. he insisted we wouldn't. so we made a bet. if the steelers lost, he had to propose to me within a week. well, they lost.

a short time before christmas, we wanted to spend a night together alone and drink and just relax. since we both lived at home, our only choice was to get a hotel room. he proposed that night! the rest is history. i planned our wedding all by myself. we're still happily going!

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