bright eyes....again!

so we went to go see bright eyes again on tuesday. i prepared for it on monday by getting my no lies, just love tattoo! the symbolism behind the anchor is something that keeps you grounded and is your "anchor". obviously. i've done a lot of shitty things in my life and associated with a lot of shitty people. finally, i have great people around me to be my anchors when i get a little crazy. no lies. just love.

tuesday we went to melt first. we just wanted to get plain grilled cheeses just incase they messed with our stomachs. so i got sweet cream cheese and gouda and joe got sharp cheddar and gouda. they were AWESOME. of course. 

then we headed to the house of blues. we went and got shirts first since we had to buy those gift cards to get in early for queens of the stone age. we really didn't want to catch much of the opening band. but we pretty much saw the whole set. which was annoying. after bright eyes started we ended up having to move like three times because people think it's cool to squeeze their chubby selves into 2 inches of space. i already couldn't see because i'm short and then this dumb girl came and stood literally one inched in front of me, with her curly hair right in my face. this completely distracted me from like three of my favorite songs. to top it off, when lover i don't have to love started playing she started to basically grind on me. GROSS. go AWAY! i'd had enough so we moved all the way to the back by the doors. to my surprise, i liked it better back there. i could actually SEE conor and it was cooler and no one was touching me. i didn't like the set list that much but it was still a good show. i still got to see one of my top 5 bands for the second time in one summer.

i love the melt bathroom graffiti! haha

euclid <3


  1. Soooo you're an Ohio girl too!? I never knew this! :) I went to HOB a few weekends ago, and showed up an hour late to miss the openers, when I got there they hadn't even started yet ~ I was kinda annoyed, so we went for a walk, cuz they were pretty bad! Anyways, love Melt & love Bright Eyes, looks like a perfect night!

  2. you'd be crazy not to love those two things!

    and i love seeing fellow ohio bloggers! like i actually know some of the places they're visiting. :)