adventures in homeownership

i have super exciting news! we got the house!!! closing should be over at the end of the month the we gave the sellers 30 days to move out but i definitely think they'll be out before then. it's such an exciting time. we've been planning all of our little projects that we'll be doing around the house. and it's so fun planning the housewarming party!

i've been packing our stuff up that we don't use all the time this week. after a few conversations with joe, we decided that i don't need a second job. i make good money when i serve at the square and if he doesn't quit yet, i don't need another job. so, even though it's totally irresponsible, i just completely didn't even show up at the second job on monday for my training shift. i waited for the phone calls to start but they didn't even realize i was supposed to come in that day. i still haven't gotten any calls so whatever. my trainer last monday only made $35 from 4-8. that's not even real. you only get a three-table section. everyone was rude; at station square when we have a new person, everyone is all over them, introducing themselves and inquiring about where the new person is from and everything. no one even introduced themselves. the managers are clueless and unorganized. i'm better off just working the square. soon enough i'll have a set serving schedule and everything will be all good.

so since i only have one job to worry about, i've been off since sunday. i don't work again until tomorrow morning. this is awesome, it's like i'm on vacation. working everyday/working doubles every week has really worn me down. i think i was getting slightly depressed, too. so i haven't done much this week besides lay around and pack.

pictures to come, soon!


  1. What do you do for a living? I have to make a similar job decision soon, I currently have two jobs, waiting to hear tomorrow if I have the third one, then I will either tell job number 2 I'm done, or forfeit some of the work entailed to slim down the hours from it. Seems like a stupid idea as I write it to you now, haha!

    I know the feeling though, of quitting and being irresponsible about it. But sometimes you've just gotta do what you gotta do! (Just don't do it all the time haha)

    Oh I found you on Elycia's blog by the way. Congrats on the house!

  2. Congratulations! How exciting!!!

  3. KT- I'm a student and a server. did you get the third one?!

    Kristin-Thank you!

  4. Ten million congratulations on getting the house, Kelly! It's a huge step to take, but such an exciting one. I can't wait to hear more about it as things move along!