outside my window.

i know that i have definitely seen Brigitte do an "outside my window" post before, so i thought i'd do one. mine has sort of a twist, though, as it is not my window but my sliding glass door!

not very exciting, i know. but at least we have a balcony. in my first apartment, i only had one window (it was a studio). it sucked. it got so hot in there! not that it doesn't get well above 80* in our apartment now. i wish it had windows on another wall, too, so that we could get some air movement. 

OH! i forgot to share some exciting news in my catching up with kelly post last week! i had seen online that another apartment complex had townhouses for rent, with basements. when we went to look, it was sooo ghetto. like the gutters were falling off and all the tenants seemed really trashy from what we could tell. i thought it would be nice since it was in austintown. guess not. 

so we drove over to kerrybrook since i knew that they had townhouses over there. when we got in the office the lady said those didn't belong to kerrybrook anymore. COOL! we were so discouraged! but then looked across the street and thought, DUH, they have townhouses over there, too. so we ventured over. they didn't have any open at the moment that we could look at. so we went back last week to look at a two bedroom. they say it's more square feet than what we have now, but all of the rooms were literally half the size of our apartment. so we told them that if a three bedroom came up we would definitely want that! we filled out the application, slightly nervous that we wouldn't get approved because my credit sucks. 

we got the call yesterday saying we were approved! now all we have to do is wait for a three bedroom! i'm so excitedddddd!

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